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Which Optional Subject is best

Which Optional Subject is best

But what does the Best Optional for IAS mean?

  • For some aspirants an optional is best if it is scoring consistently in the past few years.
  • Other consider it best there is easy availability of the study material/coaching/notes.
  • Some choose their optional just because they did graduation and/or post graduation with that subject.
  • Some choose their optional based on their interest in that optional subject. 

One thing is very clear from the beginning that there is nothing like the so called “Best” optional. Its you who would make it best. There are many aspirants who get very low marks in Optional subject but other get good marks even if both are from same field. Some candidates even change their optional year on year yet make it to interview or the coveted list of the UPSC. The good example of this Jasmeet Singh Sandhu.

So we you firstly give priority to your basic understanding or interest. Read a optional subject for few days than see. Standard resources are important hence give it number two priority. In a year long preparation you have to give 4-5 months on optional subject.  Hence no optional is best, it depends upon all the factors stated above.


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