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Sureshot 2022



Starting from 1 July 2021

Sureshot 2022 is a Daily Answer Writing Program to horn your answer writing skills. In this program we will post model questions from various newspapers especially The Hindu, Indian Express etc and will also provide you the link to that specific article so that so could read that article if you don’t have physical copy of that newspaper. This program will help you understand that after reading a newspaper’s article what kind of question could be expected from it and what you should have learn from it. 

This program will help you understanding following things:

  • Meaning of specific keywords used by UPSC like Analyze, Examine, Comment, Elucidate, Explain etc.
  • Context of the question.
  • Will enhance your presentation competence. 
  • Will improve your language competence.
  • the kind of questions that UPSC can ask.

NOTE: In this program we will not provide you with a model answer and we will not check your answers but we will encourage the peer review. You can compare your model answer with that of others that will help you to see different style of answer writing questions.

We will start this program from 1st July 2021.

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