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 LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY’s FreeOffline Coaching initiative (LOC) Initiative

  • Article ahead is very lengthy but it is very important. Hence kindly read it with patience. Your full understanding and patience reading itself would tell us about the efforts you can put into when something is important for you and how sincere, discipline you are at “Deep Work”. So please not let down yourself.
  • Best Wishes to you

Before we begin, we would like to make it very clear that this program is NOT for:

  • Students who are looking for classes where they expect the teacher to teach each and everything (spoon-feeding).
  • Students who are looking for shortcuts and are allergic to hard work.
  • Students who are averse to writing regularly.
  • Students who expect more from others than from themselves.
  • If you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone and don’t want to push your limits.

Who should apply for LOC?

  • If you have completed/ would complete your graduation in 2017/2018/2019.
  • You have secured 60% marks and above in your Graduation (55% for SC/ST).
  • Desirable, not compulsory:-If you are ready to locate in Moga (Punjab) or nearby city/village (so that you can easily come for early morning classes as well as evening classes).
  • If you have made your mind (and not just thinking) to appear in the year 2019 or 2020
  • If you can devote your full commitment and time for this and not giving this test or that test (SSC, Banking etc just for the sake of giving the test). We want serious students who want to clear this test in their first and the last attempt.

If you do not expect us to spoon feed everything. That does not mean we won’t provide you classes, notes etc but we want you to understand the concepts in class also see others points that we ask you to delve into. You should learn many things on your own as everything cannot be taught in the class. You have to actively analyze what is happening around you.

Introduction to LOC Initiative:-

There are so many initiatives taking place online and offline throughout the country and we are not claiming that we will be a unique one but we promise that our guidance and interaction with you will be the best and genuine one.

We will not bombard you with the vast amount of information (like our institutes do) either through lectures and resources (printed material, books, magazines, reports etc) as this is time-consuming and may demotivate you. From our years of experience in this field, we have realized that this is not required too.

Our efforts would be to clear your concepts and then interlink various dimensions and current issue with the topics covered to have a better understanding of the topic we are covering. We will give you important (to the point) summaries and not just beating around the bush.

It is a full-fledged program in which we will cover the syllabus of prelims-cum-mains synchronized with current affairs to provide a complete and clear picture of an issue.

Components of the program-

  • General Studies syllabus classes for the four papers- will cover about 10-15 subjects thoroughly.
  • Essay classes- orientation, value addition etc
  • Current Affairs Coverage (using PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, Times of India, ET, BS etc)
  • Magazines Coverage (Yojana, Kurukshetra, GnY, Science Reporter etc)
  • Ministries Reports (Environment, NITI AAYOG, PMO, 2nd Arc, Economic Survey, Budget, IYB etc)
  • Rajya Sabha Initiatives like Big Picture, Vishesh, India’s World etc summaries.

Note:- that we would be covering above magazines/reports/debates/programs/newspaper topics etc only when their relevance is very high and we would not be covering them mechanically just for the sake of covering them. Just remind one thing in this exam content quality is important not the content quantity, the number of sources you covered.

NOTE: – Test Series (Prelims, Mains, Optional Subject are not included in this program. There are premium services and are totally optional.

Why test series/optional subject etc are not covered under the free LOC initiative.

We, at LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY, are going to provide coaching, for which institutes take Lakhs of rupees, at free of cost. That does not mean we do not pay our expert faculty members. We at LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY will provide you excellent infrastructure which costs us a lot. But understanding the financial health of the students we are providing this coaching free of cost. But to keep it financially viable so that thousands of other students could also take quality education in near future, we would be charging for test series and optional classes. These premium courses would be of excellent quality. That does not mean that the free classes would be of inferior quality, there would not be any kind of compromise in quality. But one to one focus could be provided only by test series when we would invite you to discuss your answer copy with one to one mentoring session.

  • Priority would be given to those students/aspirants who would take prelims test series/mains test series/optional subject classes. As enrolling in these courses implies that they are far more serious and committed to making their names in the coveted list in their very first attempt and not making plan for 4 or more years to clear this exam i.e. taking coaching in the first year, taking optional coaching in 2nd and test series in 3rd and so on.

Role of Revision and Test Series in the selection:-

This exam is called the mother of all exams in India not just because it is difficult but the major thing which makes the exam so difficult is the waste syllabus of this exam and hence the most important thing that makes the difference is the revision part and analysis part.

Revision Part:

Almost every serious student reads the same set of books. Then why some achieve success and some have to face the failure? This is because former ones give a large proportion of their preparation time for revision and later ones not subject to other things too that we will discuss later. Due to the large chunk of information on a daily basis, it is the revision that processes the information in a way so that it could be easily recalled. In mains exam, you would have 3 hours exam each and almost 20 questions that mean you have around 9 minutes per question that make it very crucial to recollect quickly to deliver a good quality content otherwise questions may be left out or inferior quality would be delivered.

Now the major question is how an effective revision strategy can be made? Here comes the role of the test series. Test series help us to devise an effective strategy and can make us aware the weak areas to improve as well as the tactics to use like studied guesses, when to bluff (yes this is also very important in this exam) when to leave a question etc.

Prelims Test Series:-

  • The standard at par with UPSC with an exam like environment
  • Value Addition Notes                   
  • Discussion classes
  • Covers Current Affairs from various Magazines, Newspapers, PIB & Govt Sites
  •  Thorough and complete coverage of prelims syllabus
  • CSAT TESTS Included in the series
  •  15 times Revision Strategy
  •   Tricks to boost your marks   
  • Exam-like environment                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

A good prelims test series is one that helps us to revise at least ten times our whole prelims syllabus, as well as its questions, should be at par with UPSC. We at LBASAA IAS ACADEMY will provide you more than 30 tests that would help you to revise the syllabus at least 15 times and questions asked would not be only at par with UPSC level questions but will also be so enriching that in the last month we would advise you to revise your tests alone as nothing would be left out as test would be covered very thoroughly.


Mains test Series:-

Salient Features:

  • 12 evaluation indicator (See evaluation copies here: Link: Copy Evaluation Method)
  • Value Addition Notes    (VAN)
  • Discussion Class after each test
  • Covers Current Affairs from  Various Magazines, Newspapers, PIB etc                                               
  • Thorough and complete coverage of Mains Syllabus
  •  One to One Session after each class
  •  Model Answer for each question   
  • Evaluation By Experts     

 Must Read:

Having years of experience gain from checking answer copies of thousands of students and analyzing the UPSC’s marking pattern very closely we have developed 12 indicators which would be used to evaluate your copies by our experts. We will very thoroughly evaluate each and every question with comments on each and every question as well as the model answer for each question. After the evaluation, we will provide you with the value addition notes (VAN). Each test would also be followed by discussion classes’ and one to one session.

We would be taking around 30 tests which would help you sharpen your answer writing skills, presentation skills etc. A few marks here and there can ruin your whole year. Hence every mark is very crucial.

Just take the look at the Mains tests conducted by us, you would feel the difference. To see answer copies visit at www.lbasnaaias.com 

Essay Classes: For essay 3-4 sessions would be held and essay can be dealt with only when you have good command and content for general studies. Test series is not included in LOC Initiative. If you choose mains test series we will provide you test series for essay tests too in that module.

CSAT Classes: LOC initiative covers only General studies classes and for CSAT classes you have to pay extra or you can buy Prelims test series we will give you CSAT classes under this. These are totally optional and many students won’t require it, one it is of qualifying nature and the standard is also moderate. It’s your call to take it or not. If you are from a non-technical Background than we would advise you to take the classes.

Optional Classes:  In UPSC you have to choose one Optional subject based upon which UPSC will take two exams 250 marks each i.e. weightage of the optional subject is 500 marks hence it can create a huge difference. The demand for the geography optional is huge in the market as it is analytical rather than mugging up lots of information and it suits aspirants those are not from this Background too. Its interlinkages with other subjects like Polity, history especially Economics is very high. It also helps us to understand International relations, Geopolitics, Security, Maritime Trade etc very comprehensively. Hence now would have Geographical Optional classes for sure. If demand came from students to start another batch and quorum (minimum required numbers of students are interested in a specific optional) achieved for a specific optional Subject we would try to start that batch too as soon as possible.

Why Students fail to clear this exam:-

­­Many students fail (we are talking about serious students as non-serious students are bound to fail) and could not select even after doing preparation of 2 or more years, due to the following reasons:-

  • They Lack of discipline and follows initiatives half-heartedly. (Yes even serious students sometimes lack discipline here comes the role of a good mentor to encourage and help the students.
  • They keep changing their plans and follow none. (This does happen when they do not believe their strategy and try to follow each initiative by others institutes.)
  • They make unrealistic plans and end up not following them and hence quitting in the last.( Some time their previous grades/ background / less time etc force them to make plans beyond their potential or lack of discipline do not let them complete their plans).
  • They try to bombard themselves with lots of books, magazines, try to cover each program of every institute, try to cover current affairs of 2-3 newspapers, magazines, follows too many sites, watch this and that and end up not making notes or too many notes both will lead to collapse.

If you want to get a rank in very first and last attempt

So if you want to clear this exam in first and last attempt than follow our initiatives religiously that we would bring from time to time to boost your preparation. Avoid using others institutes’ initiatives as our own initiatives’ timeframe would be so rigorous that you would not get time to do follow anything else and also there is no need to follow others as we would not leave anything uncovered that is important for this exam. If you tried to follow others initiative than it would jeopardize you preparation ending up completing none thoroughly. To clear this exam you first have to believe us only then you would follow our initiatives thoroughly. We won’t let you down as our academy can stand only when we will bring outcome and that would happen only when we would provide quality in each and every initiative. It is like a win-win situation for you and for us. We need each others’ cooperation than only we can achieve our targets.

*Terms and Conditions:-

Once you enrolled in the program you would agree to our terms and conditions.

  • You would not be allowed to take classes whether online or offline or support whatever you call it (for optional subject/test series/current affairs/General studies/Essay/Language Papers/Mock Interview etc) at other institutes.
  • Approval can be granted by the Directors that too when you enroll for the same thing in our institute first, Directors’ decision for approval would be final in each and every case, as we don’t want others institutes to take credit for what you learned here and efforts we would be making in your preparation. Even if you enroll for test series or interview classes only they would brand you their own students and hence mislead the public. Please join us only when you have faith in us.
  •  If you joined the classes without the approval of the Directors or keep it secret from the institute you would be liable for paying the full fee of the course irrespective of the number of classes you attended. You would also have to pay for the services you enrolled, for example, test series, optional classes etc. Here too you will you to pay the full fee whether you attended a class or not as it would be an opportunity cost for us as it could be given to students who have had more belief and commitment with respect to our institute.

You can apply Online at www.lbasnaaias.com or you can apply by visiting the LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY, Street number 4, 2nd Floor of Binder Jewellers, Ramganj, Moga 142001.

FACILITIES at LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY:–                            

Digital Window:                                                                          Smart Campus with Wi-Fi Connectivity              

§  Student Portal                                                                          Projector RO Purifier

§  Test Series Portal                                                                  24*7 Electricity-(Generator + Inverter Backup)

§  Website                                                                                     CCTV Cameras for Security

§  Mobile App -IOS & Android                                            AC Classes for Students

§  Online Quizzes on daily basis etc

§  Daily News Analysis

§  Reports Summaries   

How to Apply:-

We at LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY, would not take the fee for General Studies classes that would generally take 10-12 months regular classes. For the Dec 2018 Batch, as we left with only 5-6 months we would cover your syllabus by not skipping your syllabus but by doubling our efforts i.e. morning as well as evening classes. We would first cover syllabus that is both in Prelims and Mains than Mains subjects that are just in mains, for example, World History, Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude etc would be covered after Prelims(2nd June 2019) and well before your Mains exam( from 20 September 2019). If you cleared prelims than we would provide you with these classes free of cost in the next session (June/July 2019- May 2020) too. If unfortunately, you could not clear the Prelims than you will have to pay for the classes as other general candidates would be paying. So better option is also to apply for 2019 and 2020. If you purchased test series for 2020 too but get selected in the services in 2019 itself than the full fee for 2020 test series/optional whatever you pay for June/July 2019- May 2019 Session for which you have not attended any class/test series that would be refunded(100% refund).


 Application Fee: To invite only serious candidates and (and to keep the unscrupulous candidates out) and to eases our administrative expenses as a team would be seeing each application thoroughly we would charge an application fee of Rs. 450 to apply for the year 2019 application and Rs.950 if you are applying for 2019 and 2020.

NOTE: To take coaching for the year 2019 and 2020, you will have to subscribe for the Prelims as well as Mains test series for both the years and have to deposit the whole fee in advance. In this case, too, priority would be given to those candidates who would take Optional classes too.

Selection process:

 Step 1: Once you deposited the fee online or Offline (in banks, Paytm etc), fill the application Online form @ www.lbasnaaias.com or Offline at the center ( LBASNAA IAS ACADEMY, Ramganj, Moga 142001) then submit your application online @ www.lbasnaaias.com or deposit the form physically at the center. If the link is slow on the website then contact via mail lbasnaaias@gmail.com or calls us @ 01636-515151 9056100099 91543-00088. You can take print out of the form, fill it properly and then scan it preferably with Camscanner and mail it

Stage 1. Telephonic Interview-Then we will have a telephonic interview with you and a member from our team will call you and will ask a certain set of questions. Sample questions would be like

Q1.why you want to Join IAS/IPS/IRS etc.

Q2.What motivates you to join these services?

Q3. What if you do not clear this exam this year?

Q4. Have you tried to start your preparation with self-study, your strategy?

Q5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Q6. What are your hobbies and curricular activities in which you are interested?

Q7. Prove that you are a hard working person and have an indomitable will to clear this exam.

Q8. Introduce yourself to judge your confidence?

Q9. Career other than civil services you would like to choose?

Q10. What are the situations in which you can quit?

Based on your responses they will try to judge your personality (outward manifestation of your character) and your commitment towards this exam. This alone would not decide your selection.

If we satisfied with your responses, we will send confirmation mail that you have cleared the telephonic interview. Weightage in final Selection (35%)

Stage 2: After this, we will ask you to submit your fee if you want to enroll in Test Series, optional classes. This will further add points to your selection process. Prelims Test series, Mains test series and Optional Classes (30:40:30 proportion) respectively.

Stage 3: Than we will see your previous grades of class 10th, 12th, and graduation.

Final Selection: Telephonic Interview performance (35% weightage)

                                Test Series & Optional Class Enrolment (35 % weightage)

                                10th, 12th and Graduation Grades (30 % weightage)            

After this, we will make the merit list based on which your selection would be assured.  If you did not receive a confirmation call after telephonic interview within 2 days you can mail us at query.LOC.lbasnaaias@gmail.com

What if you did not Select:

If you did not receive a selection call for LOC Initiative within 4 days after the telephonic interview than mail us at query.LOC.lbasnaaias@gmail.com.

If you badly want to be a part of this initiative than don’t worry yet as those aspirants who did not receive a selection confirmation mail, we would be preparing a second list too where aspirants who have potential and are committed to hard work would be given a second chance to take benefit of this initiative.

If you have any query regarding the LOC Initiative, feel free to mail us @ query.LOC.lbasnaaias@gmail.com

We have tried to cover each and everything in this article very thoroughly so that you could understand the initiative in depth and hence apply only when you fulfill the requirements. So please read it with patience and avoid asking what is already given in the article above so that we could invest our precious time to help you in preparation.

Wish you a good luck for your prosperous career.


Administrative Officer                                    


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