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Current Affairs Test Series 2022

      UPSC IAS Prelims Current Affairs Test Series 2022 (13 Tests)


This test series is designed to help the aspirants to get command dynamic portion of the syllabus very comprehensively. This will also help them to check their conceptual clarity and performance through regular and quality tests. The tests would help the aspirants to revise the dynamic content multiple times and will expose them to their weaknesses as well as strong areas.

We would be asking questions at par with UPSC hence even if you score less, you should not worry. Your focus should be on conceptual clarity and understanding.

This test series will help the aspirants to systematically complete their syllabus so that now they can devote more time for revision. This test series is designed to keep the aspirants on the track and will help them to sustain their efforts and discipline. Even if you could not complete the syllabus, give the exam on the specified date and try to reduce your backlogs.

LBASNAA IAS CA Test Series (L-CATS) will help you achieve the following things:

Firstly, it would help you to judge your performance at regular intervals and secondly it would help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses i.e. which subject need more time with respect to others. Simultaneously, it would surely help you to reduce your silly mistakes during an exam where even 1 or 2 marks can cost you the whole year.

Salient Features of the L-CATS

  • Quality of questions: Questions would be thoroughly researched covering the most trusted resources like the Standard textbooks, NCERTS, Government documents, Reports, surveys, PIB, ARC Reports, Economic Survey, Budget Document etc
  • VALUE ADDITION NOTES (VAN) -VAN will cover dynamic part with due consideration given various newspapers, magazines etc
  • REVISION PART-Tests are so arranged that it would lead to at least 10 times revision.

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Schedule UPSC Prelims CA Test Series 2021


Test No. Subject Date of Test
Test 1 June Current Affairs 15 July 2022
Test 2 July Current Affairs 12 August 2022
Test 3 August Current Affairs 18 September 2022
Test 4 September Current Affairs 11 October 2022
Test 5 October Current Affairs 11 November 2022
Test 6 November Current Affairs 13 December 2022
Test 7 December Current Affairs 12 January 2022
Test 8 January Current Affairs 17 February 2022
Test 9 February Current Affairs 10 March 2022
Test 10 March Current Affairs 13 April 2022
Test 11 April Current Affairs 10 May 2022
Test 12 May Current Affairs 16 May 2022
Test 13 May Current Affairs  30 May 2022




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