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MAINS TEST SERIES 2019- IIP Initiative

LBASNAA IAS’s Intensive Interactive Program(IIP)

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As you might have aware that it is the mains stage where you have to write 9 Papers and 7 papers marks i.e. 1750 marks ( 250*7) are counted for merit list along with 275 marks of interview that means it is the answer writing skills along with an enriched content that will pave the way to get the good marks in the mains to assure your selection.

Duly recognizing the importance of answer writing and content quality, the IIP has been designed to incorporate regular and intensive support for Mains in form of Mock Tests, their detailed classroom discussion, a model answer for each question and one to one session after each class. Intensive, Interactive  Program(IIP) is designed to increase your chances many folds in civil services. 

Here IIP will help you achieve the following things:

Firstly, it would help you to horn your answer writing skills under the guidance of the experts and secondly it would help you to enrich your content to deliver a quality answer within the stipulated time period.


As rightly said, ” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.

Having years of experience gain from checking answer copies of thousands of students and analyzing the UPSC’s marking pattern very closely we have developed 12 indicators which would be used to evaluate your copies by our experts. We will very thoroughly evaluate each and every question with comments on each and every question as well as a model answer for each question. After the evaluation, we will provide you with the value addition notes (VAN). Each test would also be followed by discussion classes’ and one to one session.

  • We would be taking around 30 tests which would help you sharpen your answer writing skills, presentation skills etc. A few marks here and there can ruin your whole year. Hence every mark is very crucial.
  • As a mentor, we will help you to achieve your goal and help you know what are the mistakes aspirants (even serious aspirants) make and how not to repeat that mistakes.
  • Our efforts here would be to provide you quality notes which would help you to add value to your existing knowledge and to align your knowledge with the requirement of UPSC.
  • We would guide you about what quality actually means and what resources you should not choose.

VALUE ADDITION NOTES(VAN)-VAN will cover both static as well as dynamic part with due consideration given to each General study paper and Current Affairs Portion.

  • VAN is a thoroughly researched and meticulously compiled study material covering the most trusted resources like the Standard textbooks, NCERTS, Government documents, Reports, surveys, PIB, ARC Reports, Economic Survey, Budget Document etc.
  • UPSC has been asking questions that are current affairs based. Hence we have given due weightage to both static as well as dynamic portions keeping in mind the importance of current affairs our indicators also assess the importance given to current affairs, as well as questions, would current affairs oriented.

One to one interaction for specific doubt clearance, Synopsis for each test, helping aspirants understanding the demand of the questions, enhancing their skills to give a good presentation etc


REVISION PART-Tests are so arranged that it would lead to at least 15 times revision.

Evaluated Copies will be uploaded/given to you within 10 working days(excluding Saturdays/Sundays/other holidays in between) of submission.

These tests are flexible (offline students can write tests on all 7 days of the week between 10 am to 6 p.m.) You can schedule these as per your convenience and submit for evaluation. But we urge you to give these tests on the same day so that there is no backlog for you.

You can submit your copies of first part of test series( December 2019 to 10 April 2019) till 15 April 2019 to get them evaluated and for the second part(i.e. Post Prelims part, the last date of submission of answer copies is 5 September 2019.


TOTAL NUMBER OF TESTS- 30( Before Prelims-14 Sectional tests+ 4 Full-Length Tests                                                         After Prelims- 8 Full-Length Tests + 4 Essay)

  • General Studies 1,2 and 3 will have 20 questions each in all tests.
  • Ethics paper will have 19 questions( 13 from section A and 6 case studies) in all tests.
  • Essay Paper will consist of 8 topics in all tests.

Subscriptions are OPEN Now, Click here to Subscribe Now

mail us for any query regarding IIP Initiative/ Mains Test series at lbasnaaias@gmail.com






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