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UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series 2021-22

UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series 2021-22

      UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series 2021 (35 Tests)


This test series is designed to help the aspirants to get command over Static as well as the dynamic portion of the syllabus very comprehensively. This will also help them to check their conceptual clarity and performance through regular and quality tests. The tests would help the aspirants to revise the content multiple times and will expose them to their weaknesses as well as strong areas.

Tests would follow discussion classes. This will also help them to strengthen their weak areas and clarify their doubts.

These tests will not only help you to cover your NCERTS and standard books but will also help the aspirant to cover your current affairs on a daily basis. We would be asking questions at par with UPSC hence even if you score less, you should not worry. Your focus should be on conceptual clarity and understanding.

You would also be able to understand methods like elimination method, performance method, etc.

This test series will help the aspirants to systematically complete their syllabus so that now they can devote more time for revision. This test series is designed to keep the aspirants on the track and will help them to sustain their efforts and discipline. This will help them to understand how much time one should give to a specific book or chapter.

Even if you could not complete the syllabus, give the exam on the specified date and try to reduce your backlogs.



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